Escape into our geisha robe.. the luxury of Branche silk, the beauty of our rich colors, the flirty yet elegant design, all come together to lift your spirits and treat your senses like no other.


The Geisha Robe is sewn with stylish French seams, draped flowing sleeves, accented with a silk sash, pockets, collar and hem that meet with mitered-corners. Elegance, style with the long lasting quality you’ve come to  expect from Branché.


Each Geisha Robe comes with a matching silk hanger.


“The right garment has the power to change how you feel and can literally alter your mood. You can’t help but be happy and lively when you slip on our Geisha robe… it’s a natural mood enhancer!”

Donna Hinds Gaynor / Branché Creator/CEO


Sleep in luxury. Wake up Beautiful.

Branché Geisha Robes are offered in six beautiful shades with contrasting accents.




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