Pillow Talk...

"My boyfriend stole my Charmeuse Case for months- until I got him his own. My cats fight for our pillows, (they never did this before Charmeuse Case!). Now, my boyfriend is suggesting that we put more Charmeuse Cases outside the bedroom door 'cause the cat's insist on sleeping on them!"


Laura and Baird - Santa Monica, CA



"Three nights ago Caroline, my five year old daughter, asked me, 'where is my silky?' I had washed it and meanwhile replaced it with a regular pillowcase. The next night when she went to bed it was on her pillow. She said, 'Silky, I missed you!' and then she kissed it. Even five year old girls adore your product!"


Jane and Caroline - Columbia, Mo



"I love Charmeuse Case's silky feel and have noticed feeling less scrunched up in the mornings -

I still wash my hair most mornings just to get going!! The kids are always fighting over it, they adore it!!"


KAJ - Pacific Highlands, CA



"I have curly hair and have never been able to wake up and run... I no longer get up looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket, Charmeuse Case keeps my hair tame, smooth and now I can dash out the door."


Lianne - Los Angeles, CA



"I have been loving my Charmeuse Cases. They look gorgeous on my bed and I love sleeping on them.

I can't imagine sleeping on anything else. I just love them! "


Marci - Indialantic, FL



"I wanted to tell you that I gave my pillowcase to my Mom, because she has recently become concerned with hair loss. Well, she made sure to tell me that she Loves her pillowcase, and hasn't seen any loss hair on the pillow. Thanks to BCC!"


Emily - NYC, NY

Famous Sleeping Beauties:

Jennifer Lopez

Reese Witherspoon

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Teri Hatcher

Felicity Huffman


Kate Winslet

Joan Collins

Lindsey Lohan

Amanda Seyfried

Janice Dickinson

Nicollette Sheridan

Eva Longoria

Ellen DeGeneres

Kelly RipaSela Ward

Jenna Elfman

Kirstie Alley

Rachael Leigh Cook

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