Nothing feels as exquisite as Branché Silk.

Extraordinarily soft, silky and lustrous, our exclusive silk charmeuse

is simply without rival: pure, fine, and luxurious.

Branché selects only the longest strand mulberry silk fibers for our lofty

22mm weight fabric preferred by discerning buyers the world over.

But we don’t rest there. Harnessing sophisticated state of the art technology, we lovingly and painstakingly weave the silk fibers slowly and tightly.


Only our process can create this previously unattainable and elegant quality of finish, one impossible to find anywhere else.


The exceptionally glossy surface of Branché proprietary silk, as smooth as it is luscious, offers you unparalleled benefits.

       Feel the

Branché difference.

Sleep in luxury. Wake up beautiful.

Available in 11 beautiful shades developed by our designer Donna Hinds Gaynor.

Momme(mm) Weight: A metric used especially for silk, this measurement refers to the amount of silk by weight in a square meter of silk fabric. A lighter momme is ideal for delicate scarfs and blouses, but a higher momme is essential for durability in daily use.


Fiber Quality: Cultivated mulberry silk provides a smoother more refined silk fiber. Only time-consuming and careful unwinding of the pods results in long strand fibers. Shortcuts to slice the pods, form an inferior fabric prone to developing a fuzzy surface.


Weave: Our proprietary state of the art method weaves the silk slowly and tightly to achieve our ultra smooth luxurious finish, resulting in a charmeuse with superior glide and beauty benefits.